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This library is a collection of more than 1,000 articles and speeches written by Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul. To understand his ideas, just review what he has written ron-paulover the past 10 years. The library is provided as a resource for those wishing to gain a greater understanding of Ron Paul’s Freedom Principles:1

  • Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
  • Property should be owned by people, not government.
  • All voluntary associations should be permissible — economic and social.
  • The government’s monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud.
  • Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges.
  • The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government’s.

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The Ron Paul Library only includes original content directly written by Ron Paul, or unedited video of Ron Paul’s formal speeches. The library therefore does not include interviews, documentaries or content produced by others. We are always looking for more original Ron Paul content to add to the library, so please email us if you find a document that you feel should be included.

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Bridge Loans: Fast Short Term Lending For Urgent Needs


Bridge loans refer to short term financing sought to meet needs before a person/ can obtain full or long term funding. These loans are lent to people/ businesses that require bridge financeurgent money, yet for a reason or two, lack time and complete requirements to get long term loans. In case of investors, once borrowers attain full status/ documentation to qualify for full funding and get it, they must use some of money, from the new loans, to pay out the bridge loan.

Bridge loan vs hard money loan

Most people interchangeably use the term bridge loan with hard money loan. However, bridge loans refer to the short duration while hard money loans refer to lending sources, other than banks, which lend this fast, short term loans. A bridge loan can be defined as closed if it has a fixed date for repayment, or open if a deadline for payments does not exist. These loans go by other names including caveat loans or swing loans.

Interest rate and other conditions

The urgency that forces people to seek bridge loans demands availability of money fast. Since borrowers may not have compliance on borrowing qualifications for large loans or from other institutions, bridge loan lenders charge high interest rates. These arises from fast amortization expenses, legal fees, valuation fees and risk of lending among others, with some lenders requiring equity on existing properties; on a low loan-to-value rate.


Although bridge loans come at higher costs than regular loans, they benefit people and businesses which need fast money, yet do not have everything in place for long term funding. Reasons for seeking these loans include the to need accelerate payments for properties’ foreclosure, the need to take advantage of sale discounts on personal/ commercial purchases, obtain funding to continue with a project while seeking permit approval, etc. Repayment of bridge loans can be done when a property sells, a person obtains full funding, the creditworthiness of the borrower improves to enable him/ her obtain full funding, etc.

Reasons That Every Business Needs Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, commonly referred to as online marketing, refers to a form of advertising and marketing effort that incorporates the use of the great web in the driving of direct sales as well as sales from web sites and email.

One of the important forms of this kind of marketing is SEO (search engine optimization) that basically has the effect of increasing traffic to your site. Below are a few reasons why any would be successful business needs to take SEO seriously and incorporate it as a marketing tool.

• Increased Targeted Traffic
SEO campaigns lead to an increase in the number of visitors to your site for the particular keyword phrase. The greatest art of this form of advertising is in the conversion of this traffic into potential customers. Essentially, more traffic directly translates to more clients.

• Results Are Low Cost
In comparison to ad words and PPC (pay per click) this form of organic listing is absolutely free. When you are featured at the top of search engines, you do not have to pay a cent for advertising which is another great reason to try out SEO. With a bit of regular effort, you can witness your site growing with regular free traffic flow.

Better Investment Return Than Normal Ads
Typically, when you get about 1000 visitors from a paid ad, only 3% of those visitors will convert to a sale. On the other hand, when you get 1000 clicks from your SEO campaign, about 5% of this traffic will convert to sales thus making this form of marketing to be cost effective and efficient.

Access to Data
Thanks to this form of marketing, you will have access to irrefutable customer data. Armed with this knowledge from the clients, you can easily expand your business empire by looking at the keyword data and exactly for what people are mostly searching. Learning how to manipulate this data to your advantage is critical to the growth of your business.

As you can see, by properly integrating Utah SEO into your Internet marketing strategy, your business will greatly benefit from your efforts, thus allowing you to enjoy the Internet while maximizing on its potential to the maximum.

How Scented Candle Are Made

scented candlesScented candles are highly popular. People enjoy keeping scented candles in their homes (and in other places as well) in order to beautify the appearance of a space as well as to make it smell appealing. In fact, the National Candle Association reports that 75 to 80 percent of the candles sold in the United States are of the scented variety.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of the scented candle, many individuals find themselves wondering how these candles are made.

The Mechanics of a Scented Candle

Before exploring specifically how a scented candle is made, understanding how one works is important. The aroma from a lit scented candle releases from pooled hot wax. The fragrance added to the candle actually evaporates from the pooled hot wax. A burning scented candle releases water vapor, carbon dioxide and whatever fragrance has been incorporated into it in the manufacturing or creation process.

Selecting a Fragrance

The first step in making a scented candle is selecting the fragrance of fragrances that will be included within it. Candle manufacturers can select from over 2,000 essential oils and chemicals that are suitable as fragrances in candles. Oftentimes, more than one essential oil or chemical is incorporated into a single candle for optimal impact and effect.

The same types of essential oils and chemicals that are utilized in soaps, lotions, perfumes and shampoos are utilized in the creation of scented candles. Quality scented candles, created by reputable manufacturers, contain only those essential oils and chemicals that are approved for use in candles. Oils and chemicals that are not approved negative impact the way a candle burns and also fail to emit aroma in an appropriate and appealing manner.

Blending Scents

When a scented candle is made from scratch, the essential oils or chemicals are blended into the wax after it has been melted but before it fully cools. The objective is to evenly blend the oil or chemical evenly throughout the wax. Color typically is blended into the wax at the same time the selected essential oil or chemical is added into the wax. Before the wax cools, it is poured into a mold to form the final product.

The amount of an essential oil or chemical added into the wax depends on a number of factors, including the intended size of the candle as well as the type of oil or chemical being utilized. Some oils and chemicals have stronger aromas than others, and require a smaller application into the wax.


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Bee Stings: Symptoms And Preventative Strategies

girlsneezeBee sting allergies can be tricky, as you won’t know until you’ve been stung. There are many symptoms as well as treatments for you to get through this experience. Most people only experience discomfort when a bee stings them and it is rather minor; the next day they’re fine. But when an allergic reaction occurs, this may be extremely serious and cause anything from a very swollen and rotting area to anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is when the throat starts to swell and the victim becomes unable to breathe; this is how most people who have severe reactions, die from this. The main reactions you have to watch out for are the following:

• Hives over a huge area
• Itchiness throat
• Tongue swelling
• Dizziness
• Fainting
• Vomiting

When waiting to be seen for an allergic reaction, you want to make sure you put ice on this sting in 15-minute increments. Do not let the ice cool your skin directly; you want a towel to be in between the ice and your skin. Then you want to make sure the area that has been stung is elevated as this will help reduce puffiness and swelling. You also want to immediately take an antihistamine to reduce the itchiness and swelling.

Even when you do the following, it is still recommended to go to the emergency room to further assess your allergic reaction, as these reactions can be deadly.  You can prevent bee stings by taking precautions during the spring and summertime seasons.  You can avoid bees being attracted to you by doing the following:

• Avoiding perfumes and colognes that are sweet and strong
• Wearing shoes in grassy areas
• Wear high socks and shoes when doing yard work
• Don’t leave your screen doors open near a balcony or at all — these bees sometimes have hives underneath the railings

These are just many of the ways you can avoid bee stings. When you recover from your bee sting, you may want to follow up with a trip to a good allergy doctor in Salt Lake City. They may be able to prescribe something for you for future allergic reactions if you have any at all. They can also give you an abundance of information on bee stings and more ways to prevent them.

Why Bother With A Pension Plan?

Why Bother With A Pension Plan?

When should a new employee start thinking about a pension plan?  The correct answer is when he begins to coordinate a job.  Economists who belong to the Austrian school tell people that the market coordinates time with interest. This is true. The same school also focuses on savings.  When someone starts early, especially with the low interest rates currently offered by savings accounts, it means that a person needs to come up with a retirement savings plan.


If an individual has a job that allows for him to save early, he can get a good retirement option. The company will take money out of his paycheck and invest it for him. Many of the companies that offer pension plans make sure that the plan goes through licensed investors.  A few newer companies may not have the same security that the more established companies do, but this is unlikely. Pension plans and other investment options are almost always handled through a third-party company.


What else can person do to make sure he has money for retirement? The pension plan is only one part of the picture.  A savings account can help a person get started, but an individual may want to choose Roth IRAs and 401K plans.  These plans allow the user to deposit the money and defer the taxes until retirement.  This is not the same thing as investing the money tax-free, and the investor should be clear on this.  An individual may also decide to deposit money in other areas to increase his savings.  As with any type of investment, an individual wants to make sure that he diversifies his portfolio to hedge his bets.


It may seem strange to think of investing as gambling, but that is exactly what it is. The greater the risk, the greater the chance of reward, but retirement plans often span decades.


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